IAQ is an interactive game with a serious underlying purpose. It is comprised of three decks of cards which prompt the user with the type of questions we all need to ask ourselves when we are a bit lost and in need of a gentle course  correction. Whether it is a personal upheaval, social unrest, the anxiety of confronting culture change or new technology or a life philosophy that is different from the one we currently hold, confusion inevitably stems from lack of insight and clarity.

Unlike so many ‘oracle’ cards which offer easy, pre-determined answers, the IAQ decks are firmly grounded in the notion that we already know the answers. Accessing them requires only that we ask the right questions. That kind of deeper enquiry is a habit that many of us – overfed on the bounty of the ‘information age’ – have largely lost.

There are no right answers, indeed the answers may not be immediately apparent or easy to grasp. If that’s the case, or if the question doesn’t seem immediately relevant, wait; it will come to you. On the other hand, some answers simply hit you like a lightning bolt. Play with it, be enlightened by it, be infuriated by it, surprise yourself with what you think – and what you don’t know. Share it with your friends and family. But most of all enjoy the process.

Select one of the decks below to begin.


The IAQ CultureShift deck is most useful for questions about the world 'out there'. It is best used with news stories, new technologies, political and corporate intrigues and fast moving developments that affect our collective journey. The questions are broad and cover a range of social, moral, environmental, political, spiritual and practical considerations.



The IAQ InnerQuest deck is most useful for questions about your own personal journey. It can be useful in moments of challenge or confusion, or when you simply feel you need some more information or a nudge to think along different pathways. The questions are broad and cover a range of social, moral, spiritual, metaphysical and psychological considerations.



The IAQ WellBeing deck is designed to illuminate the connection between body and mind. It can be useful at those times when you are ill or stressed and want to understand what's going on under the surface. The cards provide a mix of practical strategies and potential bodymind relationships to reflect on.