These cards were formed in the cauldron of my own working life. I was the editor of the world’s oldest and most influential environmental magazine. Each day my editorial staff and I received, literally, hundreds of emails, press releases and phone calls from individuals, activists, NGOs, investors and corporations claiming to have the one big idea that was going to save the world.

In the face of such overwhelment it’s easy to fall into rigid, even cynical thinking – or to stop thinking completely. So I circulated a tentative list of questions, posed from a variety of angles, many of them uncommon in conventional journalism, that I hoped might spark more well-rounded enquiries. The list expanded and evolved into a rough physical deck and eventually spawned another list and deck specifically focused on more personal issues.

We are all prone to the kind of overwhelment that my colleagues and I felt – especially these days when so much seems to be coming at us so quickly. The IAQ CultureShift, InnerQuest and WellBeing decks have been developed to help drill down beneath the surface of most subjects and aid clarity (see here for more). They’re firmly grounded in the idea that we already know the answers. Accessing them requires only that we ask the right questions.

The decks are constantly expanding and evolving and feedback from users is most welcome.


The IAQ CultureShift deck is most useful for questions about the world 'out there'. It is best used with news stories, new technologies, political and corporate intrigues and fast moving developments that affect our collective journey. The questions are broad and cover a range of social, moral, environmental, political, spiritual and practical considerations.



The IAQ InnerQuest deck is most useful for questions about your own personal journey. It can be useful in moments of challenge or confusion, or when you simply feel you need some more information or a nudge to think along different pathways. The questions are broad and cover a range of social, moral, spiritual, metaphysical and psychological considerations.



The IAQ WellBeing deck is designed to illuminate the connection between body and mind. It can be useful at those times when you are ill or stressed and want to understand what's going on under the surface. The cards provide a mix of practical strategies and potential bodymind relationships to reflect on.